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Floor Maintenance

We offer different treatments for different types of floors, which are detailed as below:

Marble grinding & subsequent protection by crystallization/vetrification -This is a procedure, by which the badly soiled marble floors are given new look. By this a thin upper layer of stone is removed off with the help of ultra modern machines. Thereafter, the treatment is given to maintain the natural appearance of stone, which prolongs the life and provides a slip resistant finish which increases shine and facilitate daily cleaning and maintenance. This also seals the porous marble floor.

Acrylic Floor Polishing - This is a solid rich floor dressing for use on terrazzo, asphalt, kotah, rubber, linoleum, vinyl etc. It is a bright emulsion floor polish and sealer which, when applied, forms a protective transparent film on the surface protecting the floors from wear and tear due to continuous abrasive use.

Wax Polish Application - This polish is applied using the floor-polishing machine on the entire floor and thereafter buffed with the help of specific pads which forms a thin layer to protect the floor from regular wear and tear.

Granite restoration and polishing -Granite is the toughest stone to maintain. We maintain the granite floors/walls etc., by using quality chemicals available in the market, through timely application of sealant and buffing of the floors with the help of ultra modern machines available with us.

Sealing of porous floors - Specifically used for porous floors such as marble and granite. This treatment is basically used on newly fixed stones. A thin protective layer of sealant applied on the floors so that it does not absorb dirt/dust/water/oil/ other harmful chemicals in itself.