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Carpet Upholstery Services

We are equipped with modern machines such as injection - extraction machine, wet and dry vacuum cleaners and dry cleaning machines, carpet shampooing machine, Foam Generation machine and dry cleaning machines, carpet shampooing machine etc. Our expertise extends to cleaning of sofa, chairs dressed in various inlays. Various methods to clean the carpet could be further elaborated as follows:.

Spotting of carpets - Under this method the spot marks from the carpet are removed off the clean carpet.

Carpet dry foam shampooing -In this method dry foam is generated which picksup the upper layer of dirt and dust from the carpet and the carpet is ready to be used again within 15 minutes. This method is applied on not very soiled carpets.

Hot water injection extraction -In this method we use special machine called injection-extraction carpet cleaning equipment. By way of which the cleaning solution is injected inside the carpet till the ground level which is and immediately sucked in by the machines leaving a clean and ready to use services.